Blair Ajax

Blair Ajax writes explicit science-fiction and horror-themed erotic stories which include aliens, tentacles, hucows, eggs, and more, from a first-person perspective which lets the reader experience the action from the inside-out.
Blair Ajax writes explicit science-fiction and horror-themed erotic stories which include aliens, tentacles, hucows, eggs, and more, from a first-person perspective which lets the reader experience the action from the inside-out.


[Made Fertile By The Alien Pod]

Made Fertile By The Alien Pod

A Contemporary Alien Egg Laying Novel
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I’m Alice, a divorced physiotherapist. After a sudden late-night disturbance, I’m stunned to discover that an alien spacecraft has landed on my remote Montana ranch.

Once I venture inside it, an extremely sexy holographic alien man tells me that this pod has flown through our galaxy seeking women to mate with.

I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but unfortunately the doctors tell me I’m barren. To my surprise, the alien hologram explains that the pod can treat my formerly-untreatable condition, and make me highly fertile. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and so I know I have to at least try.

Even though my best friend Karen and my ex-husband Frank don’t believe my crazy story, I couldn’t be happier to be pregnant. It’s just slightly awkward how fast my belly grows, and how my best assets enlarge and become surprisingly productive.

I’m also a little nervous about just how incredibly huge I might grow before it’s time for me to lay hundreds of alien eggs.

Then, several attractive younger military men arrive on my doorstep. With this unexpected development, my life becomes even more complicated, but also surprisingly pleasurable…

[How I Became The Hideous Alien’s Egg-Laying Queen]

How I Became The Hideous Alien’s Egg-Laying Queen

A Gender-Swap Alien Egg Implantation and Laying Novel
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I’m Lieutenant Gerald, one of the palace guards.

After my humiliating failure that allowed Princess Elessia to escape her marriage to an alien dignitary, I’ve tried to keep a low profile in the palace. Unfortunately, with our planet now under blockade by the angry aliens, I feel like this is all my fault.

So when a chance for redemption comes my way, I take it. Even if it means that my mind will be transferred into the body of a gorgeous woman, so that I can impersonate another princess, and marry the hideous, bug-faced alien dignitary myself.

I’m sure that Drue, my female friend-with-benefits and fellow guard, won’t mind. This unusual sex change is only temporary, after all.

Now, here’s where it gets weird. According to the plan, once the alien viceroy lays his eggs in my womb, a special operations team will rescue me. After undergoing an accelerated pregnancy, the alien eggs will be the perfect bargaining tool in order to convince the aliens to end their blockade.

However, what I didn’t expect is that I love being a sexy woman with huge and productive assets, or that I totally enjoy being hyper-pregnant and laying hundreds of alien eggs. If only there were some way that this change could become permanent.

With my old body still in stasis, and with Drue being interested in experiencing manhood for herself, it seems there might just be a way for both of our fantasies to be fulfilled…

Note to readers: this story references the events of my earlier story “I Was A Princess, But Now I’m the Tentacle Aliens’ Hucow!”, but it is not necessary to read that first, since this book can be read as a stand-alone.

[Mutated Into An Egg-Laying Tentacle Woman]
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I’m Dr. Calla Holly, a scientist at a top-security experimental laboratory located on a remote planet orbiting an unstable star.

When I make a breakthrough in my research with alien DNA that could lead to rapid healing abilities, my hunky older supervisor isn’t happy. In fact, he wants me to shut down all of my research until it can be peer reviewed.

Well that’s not happening, because this discovery is far too amazing to ignore. If the effects of my formula need to be verified, then I’ll test it—on myself! Yet the outcome is more unusual than I ever imagined.

Soon, I’m growing tentacles from unexpected places, and my desire to mate is almost impossible to ignore. But I have to keep my unusual bodily changes a secret, or else I might be quarantined.

Fortunately, my well-endowed female bunkmate Leira loves the pleasure my tentacles can bring her. She also has her own sexy secrets, and so she’s more than willing to keep mine.

However, my intensifying urges soon lead to a steamy encounter with my male supervisor. Before I know it, my womb is rapidly filling with eggs.

As my unusual pregnancy progresses, I develop a new instinct to lay my eggs in a willing host using my newest mutation. Yet after Leira volunteers, her rapidly-growing belly leads us to only one conclusion: we need to escape from this lab!

It turns out, though, that my supervisor has other plans for us…

[Alien Mobsters Turned Me Into A Bimbo And I Laid Their Eggs]
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I’m Officer Zosia Ormin of the Sol System Intelligence Agency.

Now that humanity has had two decades of cooperation with the Elaeonorians—huge blue aliens with four arms—we’ve begun expanding out into the galaxy. Unfortunately, that only means criminals have more places to hide, and so it’s my job to track them down and help bring them to justice.

My next assignment is to go undercover to investigate why women are disappearing from an orbiting space-resort and reappearing as extremely sexy bimbos. The only clue leads me to a spa offering top-secret alien beauty treatments.

It seems the best way to solve this mystery is to undergo bimbofication myself!

Yet I’m stunned to learn that part of the process will involve mating with a rich alien man, and laying hundreds of his eggs. That’s despite the fact that relations between humans and Elaeonorians are completely unauthorized by our governments.

So it’s not too surprising when I discover this whole scheme is run by Elaeonorian mobsters. What is surprising is when I locate our agency’s number one target—alien mob boss Leygonil himself!

But it’s only once my womb and my best assets are swelling to extreme sizes and I’m carrying the eggs of both Leygonil and his two top lieutenants that I realize I’ve made a terrible mistake by turning in my powerful alien lover…

[I Became the Ancient Tentacle Alien’s Egg-Laying Hucow]
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I’m Veronica, an archaeologist with expertise in ancient languages. When an earthquake suddenly reveals a buried pyramid, my former professor calls me to come look at the unusual hieroglyphics.

What I discover, though, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A portal in a room deep inside the pyramid is still functional, and now, I’ve just made contact with an ancient tentacle alien!

The female alien promises that if I’m willing to incubate and lay her eggs, she will give me knowledge that has been lost for millennia. However, I also need to find a man to make a contribution to the process. My handsome former professor instantly comes to mind.

With the eggs in my belly now glowing, and growing larger by the minute, my best assets also enlarge and become productive.

But now, the challenge is to keep all this a secret, because the last thing we want is for the military to get involved…

[Becoming the Cyborgs’ Bionic Hucow]
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I’m Tara, an interstellar salvage expert. However, my business definitely isn’t as profitable as it used to be.

In a desperate attempt to find something to scavenge, I illegally take my ship into a region of space controlled by the Cyborg Cooperative. There, my two female crewmembers and I discover an old Cyborg vessel which is in almost perfect working order, floating in the middle of a collection of old wrecks.

Too bad the ship is still inhabited by Cyborgs, and now, I just woke them up! Are we all done for?

Fortunately, the Cyborgs are peaceful, and they need our help. Without the nourishment that a woman can provide, their cybernetic systems will shut down.

But it seems there’s a solution. They can inject their nanobots into my womb, where they will self-assemble into a bionic device that will simulate a pregnancy. Then, as my belly grows, my best assets will also enlarge and become hyper-productive.

Once their systems are topped up, the Cyborgs will let us take some of their technology as compensation.

However, when I discover how pleasurable this process is, I can’t help but wonder if they can make me even more productive, especially now that they’ve built a mechanical exoskeleton for me.

Yet it seems I’m not the only one wondering just how big and productive my body can become…

[Made Fruitful By My Professor’s Secret Alien Plant]
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I’m Jaynie, one of the first generation of people who’ve grown up on Gliese 667C, the most recent planet to be settled by humans.

Unfortunately, our population hasn’t grown like we need it to. Recently, our leaders encouraged every woman to become pregnant to avoid a demographic collapse. I’ve never wanted to be a mother, but I’m almost considering it so that my thin figure will stop attracting so much male attention.

Finally, I proposition my attractive older male professor who teaches horticulture at my college. Yet he suggests an alternative way to resolve my dilemma. It turns out that he’s cultivating a genetically-engineered alien plant which can implant its spore into my womb.

Unlike previous variants of the alien plant, this one’s spore will make me continually pregnant, and all I’ll have to do is lay a small fruit every hour or so. That sounds good to me, even if it could make my life slightly awkward.

Soon the spore begins to have some rather unusual effects on my body. Not only does my hair start growing longer, but my best assets start to enlarge and eventually become productive. Plus, it seems that the more time I spend in the sunlight, the larger my belly grows!

Strangely, I love every minute of it, and so does my female best friend with whom I soon become surprisingly intimate. So when the opportunity presents itself, we can’t help but wonder: do I want to become twice as fruitful?

Note to readers: this story is a sequel to my two previous stories, “Implanted With an Alien Vine’s Spore,” and “Claimed By the Mutant Alien Plant,” but it can also be read as a stand-alone.

[Laying My Giant Horned Alien Mate’s Huge Eggs]
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I’m Riley. When I signed on with the Rigel-Toliman Syndicate that operates out of the orbiting spaceport above my home planet, my goal was to use my good looks to move up through the ranks of this powerful crime ring. So far, things are going just like I’d planned between me and my new boss, who is the captain of a transport spaceship.

Our next mission is to capture a tall, muscular, horned alien man with four arms from a primitive jungle planet. The Syndicate has plans for all the eggs that he’ll lay once they stimulate the alien’s fertility.

However, once we capture the alien, the plan goes sideways as he spontaneously begins to produce eggs. In an attempt to deal with the situation, I end up with more alien eggs in my womb than I ever thought possible.

As quickly as my belly begins to grow, so do my best assets. To my surprise, I also begin to take on some of the alien’s distinctive traits, which means my body will never quite be the same again.

But as my womb expands to an amazing size, I begin to wrestle with a dilemma: do I deliver my alien eggs to the Syndicate along with the alien man in order to boost my reputation, or is there some way to secure a better future for my horned alien mate?

[Carrying the Giant Alien’s Enormous Egg]
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I’m Serena, a paramedic. When my partner and I are suddenly called out to the site of an airplane crash near my remote Alaskan community, I can instantly see that this is no normal aircraft. The eighteen-foot tall alien man inside confirms my suspicions: it’s a UFO!

Since this is a world-changing discovery, and since we’re hours away from any help, the sheriff gives me and my partner permission to see if we can revive the unconscious alien. We manage to save his life, but soon the military arrives and we’re all quarantined.

Yet I can’t get the extraordinarily well-endowed alien man out of my mind. Late at night, I decide to satisfy my curiosity about what it might be like to be intimate with someone as large as him.

The last thing on my mind was the possibility that I might become pregnant. However, now that I am, it also becomes clear that this is no normal pregnancy. Instead, the single alien egg in my womb is growing faster than I ever thought possible.

But what will happen when I’m unable to hide the size of my rapidly-enlarging belly? And even more concerning, how am I going to get this impossibly-enormous egg out of me?

I can only hope that my giant alien lover will now come to my rescue…

[I Was A Princess, But Now I’m the Tentacle Aliens’ Hucow! ]
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I’m Princess Elessia. You might think that being genetically engineered to be the perfect woman would be a blessing. However, my only purpose in life is to be married off to whichever alien leader offers my home planet the greatest benefits.

And it gets worse. When I see my ugly alien fiancé who wants to lay his eggs inside me, I just can’t handle it. I’d rather do anything than marry him, including stowing away on a spaceship in order to escape from my own wedding.

Unfortunately, I’m soon discovered by the gruff male captain of this large cargo vessel. Finding myself without any skills to barter passage with, it seems my escape attempt is over.

Yet he makes me a very unusual offer: he’ll let me stay on board for as long as I use my body to satisfy the appetites of his two alien crewmembers.

I don’t mind that it will mean giving their slimy tentacles extremely intimate access to my body, or that my best assets will become enormous and hyper-productive. In fact, I love how they just keep getting bigger and bigger!

But suddenly, I worry my pleasurable life as a hucow might come to an end when the ship is boarded by alien authorities who are searching for me…

[Why Aliens Laid Their Eggs Inside Me]
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I’m Russel Burick. As diplomatic assistant to my country’s lead international ambassador, my job hasn’t left any time for romance, not even with my strict but sexy female boss.

But a guy still has fantasies, right? Even if they’re about mating with aliens. One night, I get the surprise of my life when my fantasy suddenly becomes reality, but it’s nothing like I expected it would be.

Apparently, these aliens’ home planet was destroyed, and they’ve finally made it to ours. But they don’t want to disrupt our world by mating with our women. Instead, they’ve got an idea to implant artificial wombs into men, so we can carry the aliens’ eggs to term, and then lay them, too!

As weird as it sounds, it really is an honor to be the first man chosen by the aliens to undergo this procedure. I also hope my cooperation can help establish official relations between our two peoples.

However, I have no idea how I’ll explain my rapidly growing belly to my boss. My chest is also becoming quite well-endowed and unexpectedly productive. To my surprise, my sexy boss loves these changes to my body.

Although we try to keep my alien pregnancy a secret, soon, the entire world is going to see the results of my alien pregnancy!

[How I Became An Egg-Laying Alien Monster]
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I’m Reina, commander of humanity’s first mission to Proxima Centauri B. Along with my three subordinates Kian, Mia, and Arlene, our task is to explore this planet and report back on whether it’s suitable for future human habitation.

Everything is looking even better than we expected. That is, until Kian, my male lieutenant, receives an unusual bite from an alien insect.

Later that night, Kian comes to my personal quarters. When he says he wants to be with me, one look at his sexy body overrides all my professionalism.

But the next morning, Kian is nowhere to be seen, and I discover that both Mia and Arlene also succumbed to Kian’s seductive charm. Even more surprising, all of our wombs are full of some sort of eggs!.

Even though our pregnancies are progressing faster than we ever expected, we need to find Kian. But soon, other unusual changes begin happening to our bodies, too.

One final change surprises all of us, but it turns out to be extraordinarily useful for when it’s time to lay our eggs…

[Becoming the Alien Nobleman’s Fertile Futanari Hucow]
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I’m Auryn, smuggler and thief. In the wake of the devastating invasion by hostile alien forces that swept through this region of space and nearly wiped out humanity, I’ve survived by doing what I needed to do. Right now, that involves infiltrating an alien industrial complex on a low-gravity asteroid.

When things go wrong, I need to make a choice: suffer the punishment for my crimes, or join an alien nobleman’s personal hucow harem and enjoy a life of luxury and pleasure. Even though it means my assets will become extraordinarily large and productive, I accept his offer.

Now that I’m here, this sexy and rich alien man also sees a chance to help the human population recover from the brink of extinction. However, that will involve testing out a new experimental treatment to make me grow a fully-functional male appendage.

If successful, he’ll pair me up with his other two hucows. Then, after also transforming these gorgeous busty women into futas, he’ll attempt to have them fertilize me!

Is this alien nobleman really ready to have three extremely well-endowed fertile futnari hucows in his harem?

[Becoming the Aliens’ Egg-Laying Hucow]
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I’m Elena, shuttlecraft pilot. Although I love my job, there’s nothing I’d like more than to have a baby with my doctor boyfriend. But since our spaceship is on a four-year planetary survey mission at the edge of known space, that’ll have to wait. Thanks to the captain’s rules, we’re not even allowed to be intimate.

However, I can’t stop thinking about becoming pregnant. When I get the chance to sneak off to an alien paradise to relieve my womanly needs, I’m suddenly discovered by three unusual-looking alien men.

They’re very interested in me, and I figure it can’t hurt to let them explore my body and give me the physical pleasure I’m craving. No one will ever know, right?

Unfortunately, the unexpected results of my extraterrestrial encounter soon make it impossible to hide my rapidly expanding belly, as well as my enlarging assets which become surprisingly productive.

But what will happen when my boyfriend and my captain discover the hundreds of alien eggs rapidly growing in my womb?

[Hosting the Sentient Alien Algae Inside Me]
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I’m Blythe. When I signed up to work for the Department of Sentient Species Preservation, I never expected that my first mission would end up like it has.

We were transporting a canister of slimy alien algae to a new planet when a disaster shut down our ship’s power systems. Without the heat and food provided by our technology, the potentially-sentient alien goo will surely die, wiping out the last of an entire species.

I can’t bear to let that happen. So when my older male supervisor suggests that we transfer the alien algae into my womb, I’m happy to give it a try.

To our surprise, my body is apparently an ideal host for the alien algae which begins to replicate inside me. As a result, my belly begins to quickly grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

However, without power for our protein synthesizer, we have nothing to feed the algae. That is, unless all the men on the ship are willing to make significant pleasurable contributions to the cause...

[Carrying the Interdimensional Tentacle Aliens’ Eggs]
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I’m Tanya, former model. When my husband’s government contract to find interdimensional alien life is at risk of being cancelled, I start to worry about the impact his unemployment will have on our lifestyle.

With only two weeks left, he has sudden success. But the tentacle aliens insist that he bring them a woman to mate with, or they won’t talk to him ever again.

Normally, I’d never consider such an idea. But with my husband’s job at stake, I know what I have to do. However, my belly begins to grow sooner and faster than I ever imagined, and my best assets also enlarge and become hyper-productive.

Fortunately, my nurse friend is willing to help take care of me. Yet when we discover hundreds of alien eggs growing in my womb, I know we can’t keep this a secret much longer. But what will my husband or his military supervisors say when they see the incredible size to which my belly grows?

On top of all this, if I don’t go into labor soon, these alien tentacles might have to help me out…

[Laying the Giant Alien Commanders’ Eggs]
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I’m Ensign Josie. When I graduate from the Human-Elaeonorian Joint Space Command training program, I’m excited for my first assignment.

But when I hear about an opportunity to serve on one of the Elaeonorians’ space-cruisers, I’m dying to do it, even if there’s some stupid rule that says I can’t. Well, let’s just see what Admiral Fitzpatrick—my dad—says about that!

Of course I’m attracted to the crew of huge, muscular, blue-skinned, four-armed alien men. What woman wouldn’t be? Once I board their ship, I discover that I’m also a major distraction to them, and I totally love it.

But as a stellar cartographer, I also love the things I can detect with their advanced technology. Unfortunately, a new discovery ends with me stuck in an escape pod with the ship’s top two alien commanders, who soon become excessively horny.

When we’re rescued, my womb is extraordinarily full of both the commanders’ eggs. But this is only the beginning of how large my belly will grow!

My dad certainly won’t be happy when he finds out about this. But since these two hot alien men have now bonded with me, I guess he’s going to have to get used to his new sons-in-law.

[Claimed By the Mutant Alien Plant]
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I’m Carmen, our long-distance inter-planetary ship’s lead horticulturalist. It’s my job to supervise the hydroponics bay, which includes a transplanted alien vine and several pod-plants I’m learning to cultivate on our way to the Gliese system.

Most women on the ship are preparing to start families, but not me. Thanks to my husband’s condition, my womb is as barren as the earth-plants that I’m unsuccessfully trying to propagate.

When a solar flare destroys all my plants except for the alien vine, I decide to make use of my empty womb to meet the crew’s nutritional needs.

But the alien vine has mutated! Soon my body is completely entwined in its vines, and my womb is full of multiple spores, all of which begin growing fruit. To my surprise, my best assets also begin to provide nourishment for this unusual plant.

The newly-sentient vine won’t let anyone interrupt the extreme fruitfulness of my rapidly enlarging belly, leaving me to wonder: just how fruitful am I going to become?

Note to readers: this is a sequel to my story “Implanted With An Alien Vine’s Spore,” but it can also be read as a stand-alone.

[How I Became a Bimbo Android Futa]
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I’m Sam, my spaceship’s lead engineer. As the only woman on our transport vessel’s crew, I take pride in my position and my professional reputation. As a result, I’m embarrassed that my ship’s current contract is to transport a shipment of busty futa pleasure-androids, which are supposedly quite desirable.

Apparently, they’re just a little too desirable!

When my ship is attacked by space-pirates, I experience a horrible injury. To save me, my mind is transferred into a beautiful blue-haired android futa.

My male captain soon shows an unexpected interest in me and my new capabilities. But when our ship is boarded, I use my new body to save both him and the crew. In so doing, I’m captured and sold to a disreputable pleasure resort.

Here, my android body is upgraded to make all my best assets even bigger than they already were. Although I come to love my new body and life as a pleasure-android, will true love ever be in my future?

[Laying the Almost-Extinct Alien Species’ Eggs]
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A horrible disease wiped out all life on an alien planet. Oh well. Their loss is my gain.

I’m Jara, an extraterrestrial archaeologist. When my proposal to lead an expedition to Zenoidia to recover valuable artifacts is denied, I decide to go to the off-limits planet myself.

But what I discover on Zenoidia is more than I expected. One alien has survived, and he wants me to lay his eggs! In return, he’ll pay me with all the artifacts I could desire. His thin body with eight long limbs isn’t particularly attractive, but what archaeologist could pass up a deal like that?

When my belly swells to a size I never imagined, and the alien suspends me on a strange membrane for the duration of my pregnancy, I worry about what’s in store for me. But once I discover the pleasure of laying hundreds of his eggs, I think I might not care about the artifacts anymore…

[Becoming My Tentacle Alien Professor’s Bimbo Hucow]
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The most prestigious university in the quadrant accepts only the best students for its advanced degrees.

I’m Dina, a third-year chemistry major, and yes, I have a crush on my hot professor Dr. Barnett. But so do all the other women, and I’m not well-endowed enough to catch his attention.

Instead, I’m assigned to work with a genius tentacle alien professor. I’m honored, but also curious about his unique biology and the side-effects it can have on human women.

If only I can sneak a sample or two of his bodily fluids, maybe I could improve my assets enough to catch Dr. Barnett’s attention.

However, I can’t keep the bodily changes I undergo a secret from either my female roommate Jolene or my tentacle professor. When Jolene and I discover the amazing pleasure his tentacles can bring us, we have to choose: finish our degrees, or become his hucows?

[Laying the Giant Horned Alien Warlord’s Huge Eggs]
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I’m Zenia, a linguist. I’m assigned to study a primitive alien civilization with two other male anthropologists. I certainly don’t mind being the only female out on this lonely assignment, and they don’t mind sharing me!

When our orbiting observation station is damaged, we have to survive in the alien planet’s jungle while we wait for rescue. Unfortunately, we’re soon captured by massive four-armed alien men with horns and taken back to their leader.

Although we can barely communicate, I learn that either my men can challenge him in combat, or I can offer to join the alien warlord’s harem, and lay his giant alien eggs.

He’s huge and muscular, and as a result of our union my womb is stretched to its limits. Fortunately, my bone structure is also changing to accommodate these enormous eggs, although not without a few unexpected additions that help me feel like I belong here…

[Selected as the Mad-Scientist Alien’s Experimental Hucow]
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I’m Leena. I’ve had enough of working for the evil Bregzok aliens, and now I have a plan to eject myself in an escape pod when their space-cruiser passes through a sensor-scattering nebula. Even if I might die, it’s worth the risk.

Fortunately, I’m rescued by a handsome Zux trader. I’ve heard of these aliens’ unusual love for hucow dairy products. Although he can’t take me out of the nebula while the Bregzok’s cruiser is nearby, I can hide on a low-gravity planetoid inside the nebula.

The trade-off? I’ll have to live with his mad-scientist alien friend who wants to use me as a test subject for his unconventional hucow experiments. If successful, I’ll grow four more bodily assets, and all SIX will become hyper-productive!

Once his theory is proven successful, these aliens will share the profits with me. Then I could start a new life, as long as I don’t love being their hucow even more. I admit, I’m tempted to see just how massive the two of them could make my six endowments grow…

[Converted Into the Cyborgs’ Surrogate]
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An interplanetary transport ship with its all-female crew has gone missing.

I’m Deputy Zara Jax, and it’s my job to investigate and track down the missing women. Unfortunately, it appears they’ve been taken by cyborgs for reproductive purposes.

However, I’m stunned to learn that the women actually volunteered for this! The cyborgs then make me the same offer to become their surrogate, and use my growing bodily assets to produce the fluid their cybernetic components depend on.

In exchange, the promise of an extended life filled with mind-blowing virtual pleasure is so tempting. I can only hope it will be worth having my body integrated with their technology, as well as experiencing the extreme growth as a cyborg rapidly matures to its full adult size within me...

[Chosen as the Alien Hive’s Egg-Laying Queen]
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My name’s Haley. On an interplanetary sales trip to demonstrate my company’s newest nuclear reactor design, I never expected it would end with me being rescued by reclusive antennae-possessing aliens.

They tell me they need me to be their queen, or their hive will soon collapse. I’ve never wanted to be a mother, but since these aliens saved my life, I feel I should return the favor.

When they take me into their zero-gravity queen’s chambers and introduce me to my harem of alien men, I can hardly believe that I’ve just agreed to lay their eggs, and also have my body produce nutrition for my soon-to-be offspring!

Soon, parts of me are becoming astonishingly enormous! How else will my body change as I take my place as alien royalty?

[Aliens Turned Me Into a Fertile Futa]
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It’s the year 2314, and human men have become infertile. All hope for humanity was lost, until the aliens appeared. They took pity on us, and are trying to solve our problem with their advanced technology.

I’m Astrid. At 22 years old, I’m one of the youngest women on earth. I’ve been chosen for the aliens’ experiments because of something they detected in my genes. I’m not sure exactly what it will involve, but I’m honored to be able to help humanity survive.

The changes that happen to my body when a particular experiment succeeds are shocking. With each treatment, I grow longer, thicker, and more fully-functional. All of my female roommates want me, and I’m happy to please them!

Not only that, but the aliens discover I’m fertile in more than one way!

[Becoming the Moon Aliens’ Hucow]
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I’m pilot Natali. My planet was conquered, and I’ve been conscripted to fly a starfighter on the front-lines of battle by hostile alien forces.

I’ve managed to steal a ship and make my escape. But now I need a place to make repairs and to refuel. The only planetary system close enough belongs to aliens who are known for their particular love of hucow dairy products.

After I crash-land on one of their moons containing an all-male alien mining outpost, I’m left with only two options: do hard labor in their mines, or use my body to fulfill the appetites of all the hot alien miners!

In the low-gravity environment of this moon, certain parts of my body quickly grow to absolutely enormous proportions, while pleasuring shift after shift of lusty alien men! In the meantime, they’re working on something that should help make me even more productive...

[Implanted With an Alien Vine’s Spore]
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The long-distance ship I’m travelling on makes a pit-stop at a lush alien planet orbiting a red-dwarf star to stock up on foodstuffs.

I’m Ensign Alani. As a junior horticulturalist, it’s my job to scout for edible and easily harvestable food. During my expedition I come across a strange alien vine unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Excessively lusty and curious, I soon find myself with a spore in my womb, growing faster than I ever imagined. In less than a day, I’m bringing forth small orange fruit!

It seems I’ve discovered the perfect solution to my ship’s nutritional needs, for as long as the spore remains in my body, I will become fruitful again, and again, and again!

[How I Became the Tentacle Alien’s Bimbo Hucow]
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I’m Captain Meg, a specialist in transporting sensitive cargo. My pilot Reese and I receive an urgent, high-paying contract to transport an alien ambassador and his harem of extremely busty human women through disputed territory to a secret peace conference.

But after a botched assassination attempt, the Ambassador’s unique dietary needs are no longer able to be met. I’m the only one left on board who has the potential to sustain the Ambassador for the rest of our journey.

I wish I could avoid this, but if I don’t get him to his destination alive and healthy, it will ruin my reputation and put the peace negotiations at stake. That means I will have to give all his tentacles incredibly intimate access to my body, which will never be the same again!

[My Encounter at Outpost Upsilon-574]

My Encounter at Outpost Upsilon-574

An Alien Egg-Implantation and Egg-Laying Story
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On a newly-established temporary research outpost on an alien world, many human female scientists have gone missing without a trace.

I’m Dr. Jensen, a biologist, assigned to study the new lifeforms on this planet.  I’m startled out of my sleep when security officers haul an unexpectedly hot, hunky alien man into my laboratory. Left alone to study him, I’m astounded when I learn that he wants to deposit his eggs inside me!

Knowing that I’ve got a tracking device embedded in my body, it suddenly occurs to me how I might find where the women have gone. What I don’t know is how fast I will grow, how large I will get, or if I’ll even want to go back to the outpost at all!